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Why you should take the plunge in 2023.

And… we made it through 2022.

This year I turned 50, and it feels like time is accelerating. I wake up every Monday with grand ambitions; before I know it, it’s Friday, and it feels like I barely moved the needle. Days feel long, weeks fly by, and last weekend feels like a distant memory.

But, it’s not until doing a year-end review that one realizes how much happened in 52 fleeting weeks.

If you’d told me in December of 2021 that I’d be introducing myself as a solopreneur, digital content creator, and certified coach, I’d have laughed out loud.

But in March of 2022, I asked myself, why not.?

I took the plunge without any idea of what would happen. I was both excited and scared shitless: What credibility do I have? Who is going to be interested? Can I even make good money doing this? Why throw away a six-figure career I built over the last 20 years? Who will want to hire me if this doesn’t work out.?

And here’s what happened:

  • As of today, I’ve posted 200+ pieces of original content on LinkedIn, reaching 140,000 views. It’s arguably a vanity metric, but hey, it’s also the equivalent of having played 2 sold-out sports arenas!

  • New connections and people I haven’t talked to in 20+ years came out of the blue to offer support. I plugged into a generous community of online creators and began learning the ins and outs of content marketing. I learned how to build a website and an online conversion engine.

  • I became certified as a coach by the Coaches Training Alliance, while I set up an LLC, designed a 5-month career transformation program, and started landing paying clients.

  • I launched The Mid-Career Pivoter with the dream of creating the resource I wish I had two years ago: an actionable guide for successful middle managers in their 40s and 50s trying to figure out how to reinvent the second half of their careers. Today you are reading the 12th edition!

Ok, enough about me…

Today, I encourage you to take the plunge in 2023.

As we enter 2023, the rumbles of recession and the growing number of layoffs are causing many talented professionals to pull the breaks and try to hang on to a perceived sense of “stability” in the status quo.

Last week I wrote about the case for quitting and how to pull it off. While some people have genuine reasons to remain stuck in jobs they hate, I believe that even in the worst circumstances, we have choices.

Don’t let financial news and media pundits scare you with their dire economic scenarios for 2023. No matter how choppy the waters, fish will continue swimming.

There are plenty of reasons to remain upbeat :

  1. Despite high-profile layoffs, the labor market is still hot.

  2. Half of the people laid off want a detox from corporate life, take some time off or start their own companies. It means you will not be facing off against all those who got laid off in Silicon Valley.

  3. Employers continue to complain about the scarcity of talent.

  4. In every recession, many sectors implode. But many others boom and prosper.

  5. Location is less of an impediment than it used to be for getting hired.

  6. If you’re daydreaming about launching a side hustle or going solo, the opportunities to build an online business are infinite. Every specific need is a niche waiting to be created.

  7. Gaps in your resume or short stints at jobs are no longer deemed red flags by recruiters. Everyone is on the same page.

  8. If you lack specific skills, platforms like Coursera, LinkedIn, and Udemy now allow you to take courses and earn certification at your own pace and ridiculously low costs.

I'm not underestimating the effort and time it will take to find a better opportunity when corporations panic and close their purses. But remember that in 2020, everyone predicted the pandemic would bring a complete economic apocalypse. Instead, we witnessed a massive display of creativity and resilience, with businesses still hiring like crazy. If we made it through then, we’ll make it through again.

The saying goes that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. And, that the second best time is right now. Trust yourself. Trust the universe. Take the plunge. You got this.

Thank you for gifting me a sliver of your attention every Saturday. May 2023 be an incredible year for you and your loved ones!

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